The inSTEM alumni program is an opportunity to continue to solidify community wide relationships amongst inSTEM Scholar alumni and to perpetuate a feeling of belonging and support as inSTEM alums navigate their professional and academic careers.
18 Alumni
2024 Year started

The NSTMF has developed a set of resources and engagement opportunities that inSTEM alumni can access. As an alumnus of the inSTEM program you will have access to:

  • Past inSTEM videos
  • Future technical talks and workshops
  • Invitations to NSTMF events
  • An alumni contact sheet
  • An inSTEM Mentor contact sheet
  • Mentor matching (for alumni continuing bachelors degree)
  • Opportunities to meet one-on-one with NSTMF staff members

Once you become a member of the inSTEM community you will always be a member of the inSTEM community. Additionally, inSTEM Alumni who maintain a high level of interaction with and participation in inSTEM events and engagements will be offered access to:

  • A discretionary fund in year 2 to provide modest support of professional and educational development opportunities
  • Exclusive invitations to all expenses paid experiences including future summits and Laureate Celebration Experiences


Click here for the Alumni Resource Sheet

To maintain “Engaged inSTEM Alumni” status in Year 1 – alumnus must do at least 1 of the following:

  • Participate in technical talks/panels
  • Lead an inSTEM session
  • Attend local NSTMF/inSTEM events
  • Meet with NSTMF staff
  • Serve on the inSTEM Advisory Council
  • Mentor current inSTEM Scholars

This program will be developed based upon feedback from our Scholar and Alumni community. We invite you to dive into this community and share how we can make it better. As it develops we hope it’s developed in a manner that ensures maximum engagement from our alumni and provides perks and opportunities that alumni find interesting and engaging.


Are you an alum of inSTEM and need help joining the inSTEM Alumni Program?

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