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#GivingTuesday with the NSTMF

This #GivingTuesday, help us build equitable STEM communities. Donations matched up to $50,000.

November 16, 2020

Lend your support to ensure marginalized students have access to and support from the top minds in science and technology. Every dollar up to $50,000 will be doubled this Giving Tuesday, thanks to the generous support of our anonymous matching donors.

Your donation helps us

  • Lower the STEM attrition rate among college students from underrepresented groups
  • Give students and teachers the tools they need to create more inclusive STEM communities on campuses across the country
  • Build an alliance across academia, government, industry, and nonprofit sectors to give students access to a broader, more comprehensive support network
  • Elevate voices that have historically been left out of the conversation so that more students can visualize their own successful career in STEM
  • Honor STEM’s high achievers by including them in the work of building equitable communities

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Our Programs

The Unscripted Series pulls back the curtain on world-changing scientific accomplishments. It provides a forum and a safe place for experts and students to share their experiences and forge connections on common ground. The hallmark of these events is the intimate atmosphere in which STEM experts share stories about notable accomplishments as well as the failure and false starts that defined their journey to success. Through candid conversations, students often recognize parts of their own narrative in the stories experts share and are more readily able to envision their future success. Since its inception, the program has featured nearly 25 experts, reached an audience of more than 6,000 students, professors, and members of the public, and created relationships with more than 20 universities and institutions.

STEM Spotlights are designed to meet viewers where they are, whether they are without a stable internet connection, in a far-away time zone, or right next door. Through these virtual presentations, we provide live, remote interactions between students and experts in an intimate setting. STEM Spotlights feature speakers who can show students that there are many paths to success in STEM. These presentations aim to inspire a new generation of scientists, researchers, and inventors by blending hard science with personal stories.

The inSTEM program was designed to combat the alarmingly high rate of attrition in STEM majors. Less than half of undergraduates who declare STEM majors as first-years graduate with a corresponding degree and the statistics are even worse for students from underrepresented groups. inSTEM is a holistic student enrichment program emphasizing community building and emotional resilience for students interested in science and technology. This program equips students with the power skills and coping tools they will need to succeed in STEM. Over the course of four years, inSTEM students form their own network of mentors who can speak to the challenges of being a member of an underrepresented group in STEM and provide support far beyond graduation.