Photo of Innovation Unscripted: Artificial Intelligence
Unscripted Series

Innovation Unscripted: Artificial Intelligence

Sherika Ekpo of Google AI, Marisa Ferrara-Boston of KPMG, and Susann Keohane of IBM join for our final Unscripted event of the year to discuss AI’s role in tech companies and corporations.

October 15, 2020

LIVE on November 11 at 5 pm et

This is an inclusive space for all attendees. Please help us create a safe space for all participants by being aware of how your language and behavior could be perceived by others. Thank you for your contributions to creating this respectful space where everyone feels welcome to listen, share, and enjoy!

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about the speakers

Sherika Ekpo

Sherika Ekpo, who serves as Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Google AI, is known for her forward-thinking, exceptional integrity, and unwavering passion for empowering others. Here she educates leaders on practicing inclusive leadership while designing and executing inclusion initiatives that have resulted in increased representation, targeted interventions, and more equitable work cultures. 

Marisa Ferrara-Boston

As the Automation and AI Lead Architect for Audit Technology at KPMG, Marisa Ferrara-Boston is focused on AI-enabled document investigation where specialists are required to review many financial and legal documents to determine risk across a portfolio. Under Marisa’s leadership, KPMG is using IBM WatsonDiscovery as the backbone to a question-answering pipeline. 

Susann Keohane

Susann Keohane serves as a Global Researcher Leader for the Aging Initiative for IBM. Her current research focuses on AI for Health and Aging and IoT Sensor Systems for Eldercare. Her passion for innovation drives her curiosity about future accessible technology to help bridge the digital divide while improving the aging population’s quality of life.