Livestream Event

Science Unscripted with Fanta Traore

Watch live March 4 at 5:30 PM ET

March 1, 2021

This livestream event features Fanta Traore in a conversation around her decade of experiences in leveraging data and research to solve her team’s most pressing challenges through analysis, storytelling, and program implementation. She is a co-founder and CEO of The Sadie Collective, the first and only organization dedicated to empowering and equipping Black women in the pipeline and pathway of economics and related fields through curated content creation, programming, and mentorship. Before this, Fanta worked as a Senior Research Assistant at the U.S. Central Bank, where she conducted data analysis and economic research to influence organizational strategy and policy. Fanta loves using data not only to understand and craft stories about complex organizational policy challenges but to do something about what that data reveals.

Britni Wilcher will lead our discussion tonight. Ms. Wilcher is Ph.D. candidate in applied microeconomics at American University and a Spelman alum.

Thank you for joining us tonight! We are so grateful that you chose to spend your time with us. Please know that we aim to provide an inclusive space for all attendees. Please help us create a safe space for all participants by being aware of how your language and behavior could be perceived by others.

Thank you for your contributions to creating respectful environments where everyone feels welcome to listen, share, and enjoy.


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