STEM Spotlight

STEM Spotlight: Careers in Engineering

Engineers Jerrod Henderson and Mayra Montrose chat with audiences about forging career paths in the field.

October 15, 2020

ABout the speakers

Jerrod Henderson

Jerrod Henderson is an Instructional Associate Professor at the University of Houston and Director of the Program for Mastery in Engineering Studies (PROMES), a program aimed at increasing engineering student achievement, engagement, and graduation rates. Dr. Henderson’s research interests are in engineering identity formation and persistence among underrepresented students, especially African American males.

Mayra Montrose

Mayra Montrose is the Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs in the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) of NASA. Ms. Montrose has worked at the National Science Foundation and the White House National Science and Technology Council. For her significant contributions, she has received awards from the European Space Agency, the German Space Agency, and NASA.