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STEM Spotlight

Virtual Events

A Virtual Series from the NSTMF

June 17, 2020

Across all of our programming, we seek to highlight the top minds in STEM, focusing on elevating the voices of people of color and women. Our STEM Spotlights are designed to meet students where they are, whether they are without a stable internet connection, in a far-away time zone, or right next door. Through these virtual presentations, we can provide live, remote interactions between students and experts in an intimate setting.

The NSTMF’s virtual series features speakers who can show students that there are many paths to success in STEM. These presentations aim to inspire a new generation of scientists, researchers, and inventors by blending hard science with personal stories.

To learn more about participating in our virtual programming, email Ryan Lasker at [email protected]

Interactive Webinars

The NSTMF will hold a series of interactive webinars with STEM experts and a small group of about 30 students. In coordination with STEM-focused student organizations and classes, the NSTMF will facilitate a conversation – not a lecture – that provides participants space to share stories about their work and the obstacles they face. With a cap of 40 attendees, all participants can easily join the conversation with their ideas.

Want to co-host a webinar with us? Send us a note!

Watch Parties

Some conversations lend themselves to a larger audience of more than 40 students at a time. For STEM experts whose work has broad public appeal, the NSTMF will pre-record, edit, and publish interviews on our YouTube channel. We will then host a live watch party where audiences can chat with the expert featured in the video during and after the premiere. These videos will be available to watch at anytime here at and on our YouTube channel.

Want to participate as or nominate a featured expert? Send us a note!