How do you cultivate wellness in times of heightened stress?

A first step is to simply accept that stress and anxiety is normal and many external factors will exacerbate our degree of stress (i.e. pandemic). One thing that has helped me personally is to diversify my daily activities across many points of mental and physical wellness. This helps me build resilience in times of anxiety and pressure. You can think of it as a preventive measure of managing stress before it hits (because it will eventually!). Always take the time to care for yourself on a daily basis, whether it is taking a break from work regularly by exercising or practicing mindfulness. Developing a self-care routine is an essential part of wellness. And when crunch time hits, learn to savor the moment when you are done with a particular deadline or project (regardless of the outcome) and remember to always be kind to yourself!

Tarek Fadel
Assistant Director at MIT

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