inSTEM Curriculum

Take a look at the inSTEM program’s four-year curriculum goals.


The inSTEM program is organized across a four year curriculum that emphasizes a Scholar’s holistic wellness development, community support cultivation, and generation of substantive mentor-mentee relationships between Scholars and inSTEM Expert-Mentors. inSTEM centers the Scholar’s experience and emphasizes asset-based approaches to learning and engagement.

Year 1: core

inSTEM’s first year is called CORE. Scholars will have an opportunity to build core competencies in essential academic, wellness, community, and career skills. The key focus of the first year is to create a foundation for Scholars to build upon as they transition into the undergraduate experience and develop into fulfilled undergraduate students.

Key Goals

  • Scholars will develop a mentoring action plan using SMART goals.
  • Scholars will apply a new time management tool.
  • Scholars will analyze their current study habits and implement a new strategy to get the
    most out of their study sessions.
  • Scholars will practice written and verbal communication skills by crafting and sharing an
    elevator pitch.
  • Scholars will use a budgeting tool or application.
  • Scholars will practice a mindfulness technique.
  • Scholars develop tactics to advocate for their learning needs.

Year 2: thrive

inSTEM’s second year is called THRIVE. Scholars will focus on equipping themselves with the
tools, skills, connections, and access to obtain internship or research opportunities.

Key Goals

  • Scholars will identify strategies for authenticity.
  • Scholars will develop and edit their resumes.
  • Scholars will identify effective strategies to promote teamwork and be an effective leader.
  • Scholars will build an online presence using a platform of their choosing.
  • Scholars will analyze scientific literature.
  • Scholars will develop networking goals.
  • Scholars will create goals for building credit.

Year 3: rise

inSTEM’s second year is called RISE. Scholars will look beyond their undergraduate experience and learn how to effectively position themselves for baccalaureate opportunities.

Key Goals

  • Scholars will develop a five-year plan.
  • Scholars will create a list of people that they could ask for references.
  • Scholars will identify strategies for resilience.
  • Scholars will draft a personal statement, research proposal, and e-portfolio and implement feedback from peers and mentors.
  • Scholars will practice communicating their academic, research, and career goals through mock interviews.
  • Scholars will identify a peer mentor or mentee that they would like to build a mentorship relationship with.
  • Scholars discuss how to start a business.

Year 4: soar

inSTEM’s fourth year is called SOAR. Scholars will receive guidance on how to survive, persist, and thrive in their endeavors after graduation.

Key Goals

  • Scholars will expand their support network and community outside of the inSTEM program to include coaches, mentors, sponsors, and professional organizations.
  • Scholars will identify ways to address imposter syndrome.
  • Scholars will practice creating professional goals.
  • Scholars will develop tactics to help them evaluate whether the culture of an organization aligns with their values.
  • Scholars will develop strategies for working effectively with different types of management styles.
  • Scholars will create a check list of what to consider when evaluating a job offer.