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September 9, 2020

Giving to the NSTMF

Your contribution to the NSTMF not only serves to celebrate scientific advancement, ingenuity, and exploration, but also symbolizes your commitment to building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future in STEM.

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Providing access to all

The NSTMF has made a fierce commitment to lowering the barriers of access to our programming across the board. We recognize the importance of meeting students where they are and positioning our programs in a way that ensures the maximum engagement for students of all backgrounds, resources, and abilities. To bolster the inclusivity and accessibility of our initiatives, support our Virtual Programming

Increasing retention of undergraduates in STEM subjects

The research shows that one of the most effective ways to retain students in STEM and reduce attrition rates is through effective mentorship. All of our programs are designed with this in mind and aim to connect mentors with the future generation in a way that resonates with the students and inspires them to persevere despite the challenges they may face. All NSTMF programs put a strong emphasis on mentors who are women-identifying and people of color. We recognize the importance of & mentorship and ongoing access to these advisers. To ensure lasting relationships and help each student construct their own personal board of directors, support the inSTEM mentorship today.

Honoring the greatest minds in STEM 

The NSTMF’s programming would not be nearly as effective without the incredible group of experts in our orbit. Not only have these individuals accomplished great feats in science and technology and have been recognized for it at the highest levels of STEM in the United States, they are also incredibly generous with their greatest resource: their time. These experts are integral to our efforts in building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable future in STEM and we are proud to have them involved with our programs. To honor their accomplishments and thank them for their commitment to DE&I, support our Expert Connect network. 

Giving Levels

Donors to the NSTMF are eligible to receive recognition, periodic updates, and exclusive invitations to NSTMF programs according to the level of their support.

Our Giving Levels
Sponsorship and Support Opportunities


There are many ways you can support the NSTMF today. The Foundation encourages general operating support, program support, and event sponsorship. We are pleased to collaborate with corporations, foundations, and individuals on our efforts and welcome new partners. 


Unrestricted support affords the NSTMF the greatest flexibility. We use unrestricted funds where they are needed most, whether it be to fill in the gaps in program expenses, event sponsorship, or general operating costs. 


Restricted support directly funds the program of the contributor’s choice. The NSTMF will work with a donor who is interested in restricting their funding to direct the funds according to the donor’s areas of interest. 


Event sponsorship supports a specific event, or suite of events, that is of particular interest to the donor. We will work with contributors interested in sponsoring one of more of our events to find a good fit for partnership.

Ways to Give


Making a donation is easy, and we greatly appreciate all levels of support. The NSTMF accepts a variety of different payment options including credit/debit, PayPal, check, e-check, wire, and stock.


To donate via credit/debit, click here.


Checks can be made out to National Science and Technology Medals Foundation and sent to the following:

National Science and Technology Medals Foundation
C/O Andy Rathmann-Noonan

3222 N Street NW STE 300
Washington, DC 20007


To donate by stock or wire, please follow these instructions


To discuss additional donation methods, contact [email protected]

Sponsors and Supporters

Supporters of the NSTMF make our programs possible. We are so grateful for all they do to contribute to the construction of a more equitable future in STEM.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

The NSTMF is a nonprofit organization incorporated under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS code. All charitable gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

What are my rights as a donor?

The NSTMF works with donors to identify particular areas of interest and best match a contribution to the area where it would be best served. The Foundation is committed to regular communication with its supporters and adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professional’s donor bill of rights:

Can I donate securities? 

Yes. Click here for stock, equity, and wire instructions. 

Can I make a donation anonymously? 

The NSTMF will never publish the name of a donor without explicit consent. Should you wish to remain anonymous to the Foundation itself, you may donate through a donor-advised fund where the fund does not provide the Foundation with any of the donor’s information. You may also contribute cash anonymously, though the Foundation does not recommend mailing cash due to the potential for theft or postal service interruptions.  

Can I sponsor a specific event or support a particular program?

Yes. The NSTMF welcomes event sponsorships and program-restricted support. To discuss your options for restricted giving in more detail, please contact Kate Biddle

What non-monetary options for contributing to the NSTMF do I have?

In-kind donations: The NSTMF welcomes conversations concerning relevant in-kind donations for our programs and operations. To discuss in-kind donations to the NTSMF, please contact [email protected] 

Time and expertise: We work with STEM experts across industries as a part of our speaker and mentorship programs—if you’re interested in donating your time as a mentor or featured speaker, please contact [email protected] for more information. 

Can my company match my contribution?

The NSTMF does not currently have matching gift partnerships with any corporations. We are open to establishing these partnerships. If you would like to discuss how your corporation can become involved with the NSTMF by way of a matching gift program, please contact Kate Biddle. We would be happy to work with you and your company to offer this donation option in the future. 

Can I include the NSTMF in my will?

We do not yet have a formal planned giving program. If you would like to include the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation in your estate plan, please contact [email protected] for further conversations. 

Can I donate in honor or memory of someone else?

Yes. Please indicate the name of the individual your gift is honoring on your method of payment, the description box, or by email to [email protected] in advance/at the time of your donation. We would be happy to accommodate your request. 

For more information on donating to the NSTMF, please contact Kate Biddle, Senior Development Associate ([email protected] | 202.556.0258).
We are grateful for your interest in our work and your commitment to our shared values.