Staff And Board Members


Andy Rathmann-Noonan


Mayowa Awe, Ph.D.

Senior Director of inSTEM

Kate Biddle

Senior Director of Development

Joanna Chou

Assistant Director of inSTEM

Board Leadership

Vinton G. Cerf

Chair and Treasurer

Monique Dorsainvil

Vice Chair

Megan Roberts


Board Members

Alisa Bergman

David Canada

Howard Ekundayo

Robin Rathmann-Noonan

Smita Satiani

Emeritus Board Members

George Rathmann


Gordon Bell

National Medal of Technology 1990

James L. Rathmann

Richard Elkus Jr

David Fischhoff

Gordon E. Moore

National Medal of Technology 1990

C. Kumar N. Patel

National Medal of Science 1996

Ted W. Love

Kirk Raab

Philip A. Sharp

National Medal of Science 2004

Robert White

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