What is your best advice for someone about to start their Ph.D.?

“My biggest advice is to take the time to understand yourself and the rules of your field. It is important to have a good understanding of who you are and why you are pursuing a Ph.D. It helps to guide you and provide the motivation when times get hard (and trust me, they will). Oftentimes research doesn’t go the way you want and it can feel discouraging at times. Knowing why you are pursuing a Ph.D. will help to weather these storms. Also, remember that every field is different so take the time to learn the rules of your field. Like anything in life, it is hard to succeed if you do not know how you are being measured. This knowledge can be gained through conversations with your lab mates, advisors, and other mentors. You will be better equipped to excel in your Ph.D if you understand your why and the rules of your field.”

Emmanuel Johnson
Postdoc at USC & CTO of Antares Diamonds

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