Niels Pineda

Director of Solutions Engineering

UCLA – BS in Computer Science

I am a SoCal native that was raised by a wonderful family full of healthcare professionals. Unlike my siblings, I did not take the hint and I ultimately ended up taking the road less traveled by pursuing a career in technology. Despite their lack of familiarity in this field, my family offered their unconditional support every step of the way. For as important as that was, I quickly learned at UCLA that I was navigating a new world without a map. While my love for technology has been essential in my journey, my successes have only been achievable because of the communities that have supported me along the way. I am passionate about being a part of others’ communities because I understand how instrumental mentors, colleagues, and friends can be in such a difficult yet rewarding journey. Simply put, people are paramount. Today, I am a Director of Solutions Engineering at GitHub. At its core, my job revolves around partnering with others to grow. In practice, this means helping customers find solutions to their technical problems, as well as empowering my team do the same. I believe in leading with empathy, clarity, and a focus on a healthy work-life balance. Outside of work, you’ll find me playing sports, exploring the world with my dog, practicing my photography skills, and spending quality time with quality people.

Get to know Niels Pineda

What are you most proud of in your work or life?

These go hand in hand: I am most proud of the relationships I have built up both professionally and personally. As I mentioned in my bio, my successes are the successes of everyone who has helped me become the person I am today. I firmly believe I have built up relationships at work and in my life that are supportive, enriching, and most important to me–authentic.

What are your passions and hobbies?

Travel: Having traveled quite a bit for my career and personal life, it is something that I strive to do as often as I can. Plane, car, boat, my own feet–I am always excited to adventure to places outside of my home. I believe it’s an amazing way to learn new perspectives, cultures, and aspects of yourself. Sports: Playing, talking, or even writing about them, sports have always played a big part of my life. Playing them keeps me sharp and healthy, talking about them is a great way to engage with others, and writing professionally has greatly improved my communication skills! Photography and Videography: From wedding photos to silly YouTube shorts, I love the creativity that comes along with a camera! I always try to have a camera with me on my travels to capture those moments I don’t want to forget!

Do you have a personal motto or other words to live by?

I have two mottos: – There’s no such thing as getting lost, it’s just expanding your adventure! – Angels float because they take themselves lightly.

Favorite snack food?

(Spicy) Chicken Nuggets