Photo of Ralph E. Gomory

Ralph E. Gomory

  • National Medal of Science
  • Mathematics And Computer Science

For his scientific contributions to the mathematics of discrete optimization and its far-reaching influence on information processing; for bringing to a leading position one of industry’s most significant research establishments; and for his contributions to public and private scientific enterprise.

For more than half a century, Ralph Gomory has used his mathematical expertise in both the classroom and the boardroom.

From 1959 to 1989, Gomory worked at IBM, making huge strides in the company’s research division. His work there received numerous accolades and two of the researchers he supervised received Nobel Prizes in Physics.

After he retired from IBM, Gomory spent nearly 20 years as president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, an organization that provides grants for scientific and technological research. The foundation helped pioneer online education in the 1990s.

During his 50 years as a business executive, Gomory continued his independent research. He may be best known for his work in linear and integer programming, as well as his research on differing economies around the world.

Today, Gomory uses his vast experience to teach future leaders in business at the New York University Stern School of Business.

By Rachel Warren