Do you have any tips on how to give and accept constructive criticism?

“The most important tips regarding giving constructive criticism are to ensure that 1) the criticism is absolutely necessary; 2) the criticism is constructive (i.e., useful, timely, directed toward a modifiable action or product), 3) you are the appropriate person to give the criticism considering your position and any possible consequences or retaliation; and 4) you are specific and clear about what exactly you are criticizing and provide strategies to improve it. Regarding receiving constructive criticism, the most important tips are to 1) focus on the aspect of your work or performance that is being criticized, rather than interpreting the criticism as a critique of your person; and 2) learn to show gratitude and appreciation for criticism because criticism makes you better and although you may not feel that way at the moment, most people criticize you because they want to see your work or your performance improve.”

Valene Garr Barry
Postdoctoral Research Scholar at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

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