Was there ever a role you applied for and landed, but didnt feel 100% qualified to do?

“Yes! Applying and being selected for a role can create doubt. I believe that is healthy and, in many aspects, realistic and motivating. Consider: why are you in a new role? You may have been promoted or may have left a work setting for a range of reasons – lack of career growth, wanting to make a change from an area that no longer has interest, or an unsatisfactory work environment.

Applying for a job involves matching your interests, experience, and competencies to a position’s description. This is typically followed by interviews and, if a good fit, a job offer. Not feeling 100% qualified, sometimes called “imposter syndrome,” is an opportunity to develop a plan to ensure that your on-boarding to this new role provides a strong start. That you have landed the role is a major commitment by your new employer, demonstrating their confidence that you are the right person for the role. But you also have a lot to learn in executing skills and learning workplace culture. Build your tool kit, have a plan, and do all you can to have your first 90 days productive in learning your role and gathering intel on what you need to do to be successful in this role. Don’t rely on one perspective. Engage with your supervisor and others, ask for a buddy to help you learn the ropes. The reality is that you were clearly qualified enough to be hired but now begins the harder work of learning how to do it and to do it well.”

Jonca Bull-Humphries
Vice President at PPD Consulting

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