Allie Novak

MS/PhD Student
Columbia University

Union College – BS in Chemistry

Columbia University – M.S./Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

Allie Novak is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University interested in the water, climate, and policy nexus. She is currently studying trends in affordability, financial performance, and drinking water quality for water utilities across the U.S. Alongside her academic pursuits, she worked for the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program, where she conducted research on how policy can support open science and community science. She previously worked in industry as a microscopist and was a Fulbright Fellowship to Paraguay, where she conducted an environmental chemistry research project. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from Union College.

Get to know Allie Novak

What are you most proud of in your work or life?

Supporting my colleagues and friends

What are your passions and hobbies?

Learning languages, trying new things, and spending time with my loved ones

Do you have a personal motto or other words to live by?

Fake it till you make it, be kind, and don’t take yourself too seriously

Favorite snack food?


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