Aravind Pazhayath Ravi

Ph.D. Candidate, Physics Department
The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington – Ph.D. (2023 expected)

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, B.S. and M.S.

Hi I am Aravind. I am a Ph.D. candidate at UT Arlington (Physics). I work on understanding massive star evolution, especially the cataclysmic core-collapse supernova explosions toward the end of their lives. I strongly believe teaching is the strongest form of learning.

Get to know Aravind Pazhayath Ravi

What are you most proud of in your work or life?

To become a published scientific author

What are your passions and hobbies?

I enjoy listening to stories (Audiobooks ftw!), watching Tennis, occasional reading and being outside.

Do you have a personal motto or other words to live by?

“Victory belongs to the most tenacious.”

Favorite snack food?

Pizza all the way