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inSTEM is currently offered at Howard University, the University of Texas at Arlington, and California State University – East Bay. Email the NSTMF’s inSTEM Director Dr. Mayowa Awe at ma[email protected] to learn how to bring it to your campus.

Program overview

Students are leaving STEM majors at an alarmingly fast rate. Less than half of first-year students who enter in STEM majors will go on to graduate with a STEM degree, according to research published in The Journal of Science Education and Technology. Students from underrepresented communities are even less likely to graduate with their STEM degrees.
The National Science & Technology Medals Foundation is committed to supporting STEM students from underrepresented communities, and inSTEM is the Foundation’s next step in furthering its mission to inspire the next generation of great scientists and technologists. Undergraduate students in the program develop skills that will make them successful while in school and as they pursue post-graduation opportunities.

About The Program

Photo of inSTEM Mentorship Program
The Program has three objectives for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in stem:
  • 1. Build a community that prompts students to address the benefits and challenges of being a member of an underrepresented community in stem.
  • 2. Offer professional development for undergraduates seeking experience relevant to their majors.
  • 3. Connect students with mentors on campus and role models off campus to whom they can turn for guidance.


inSTEM offers four years of programming; each has a theme based on the Scholars’ needs for the current school year. Each cohort includes 15 inSTEM Scholars and one Coach, a STEM professor, or an established graduate student at the institution. STEM Experts will visit cohorts either in person or virtually to lead workshops and provide insights about the greater STEM community. 

The inSTEM Curriculum comprises four units that correspond with four years of undergrad: 

Year 1CORE


Year 3RISE

Year 4SOAR

The topics in each curriculum are organized by four different modules: Community, Academia, Career, Wellness. Each topic is linked to one of the four modules in an effort to address the holistic needs of the undergraduate STEM student.


The key focus and goals for each year are built upon the understanding that the needs of the Scholars change as they advance through undergrad and the inSTEM program. The topics are also built in alignment with the academic calendar including meetings about advising course selection and supportive strategies to address anxiety and stress during finals. By the end of a scholar’s experience in inSTEM, they will have developed a personal board of advisors through the mentor-mentee relationships they formed, cultivated substantive relationships with their peers and inSTEM Coaches, and learned new skills that will support their holistic wellness. 

“I really enjoyed my mentor meeting last semester. He was a very informative and helpful figure. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the decision to join inSTEM because it is a very beneficial program for undergraduate students” – UT-Arlington inSTEM Scholar ’25



For Scholars, By Scholars

Our Curriculum focuses on empowering the Scholar to define their needs and then making sure the program continues to support their development.

inSTEM Curriculum

Advisory Council

The inSTEM program and curriculum were created with the guidance of our advisory council.

  • Megan Roberts

    Advisory Council Chair
    Alliance for Decision Education
    NSTMF Board Member

  • Valene Garr Barry, Ph.D.

    Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

  • Emmanuel Johnson, Ph.D.

    University of Southern California

  • Yuvi Rattigan

    Oasis Therapeutic Services, LLC

  • Sonya Smith, Ph.D.

    Howard University


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