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What’s Next? Medical School

March 27, 2022 AT 4:00 pm 5:00 pm EDT

The National Science & Technology Medals Foundation (NSTMF) will host a virtual panel of medical professionals on March 27, 2022 from 4-5 pm ET. The panel will speak to current inSTEM Scholars about the path to, during, and beyond medical school. Scholars will have exclusive access to the panel during this virtual event and will be encouraged to prepare questions ahead of time to ask during this intimate and candid conversation about the path to practicing medicine.

The panel will feature Christine Le and Dr. Claudia Perez. Christine Le is a current second-year medical student at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Claudia Perez, M.D., is a recent graduate from the Ross University School of Medicine who was recently matched for residency. The panel will be moderated by Mayowa Awe, Ph.D., the Director of inSTEM at the NSTMF.

The first 15 minutes of this conversation will be recorded. All participants will be asked to sign a release for the Foundation to record and use the audio and video recordings in NSTMF promotions and general resources for students also seeking guidance with medical school. The remaining 45 minutes of the panel will be off-the-record. 

This panel is free and open to all inSTEM Scholars in the Spring of 2022. Students will each be rewarded a $50 gift card to a food delivery vendor for attending the panel and answering the post-panel survey that will be distributed at the end of the conversation.

Save your seat for What’s Next? Medical School below!

For all inSTEM Scholars who have registered for this event: Please check your email or your cohort’s slack for the Zoom link.




My name is Christine Le, and I am a second-year medical student at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, UNT Health Science Center. As a native to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I have always envisioned myself learning and practicing medicine in my own community, and my school allows me to do such! My passion for medicine stems from my love of family and children, all of which I have seen tremendously battle through their own medical journeys. By becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, I hope to become a presence in my patients’ lives that goes beyond treatment and inspires a lifelong physician-patient relationship. When I’m not hitting the books, you can find me baking cookies while bingeing on my favorite reality shows!

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Dallas native. First generation college graduate and physician. I come from a migrant family background where hard work and perseverance were instilled at a young age. I enjoy working in the community. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy the outdoors, exercising, and eating in local restaurants.

Click here to view Claudia Perez’s CV



Mayowa Awe is the director of the NSTMF’s inSTEM program. Before joining the Foundation, she was a Senior Data Analyst at Lockheed Martin Corporation. She received an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in May of 2015, followed by a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UTA in May 2019. Mayowa’s responsibilities at the NSTMF include managing the logistics of the inSTEM program, leading research and evaluation of the program’s impact, and strategic planning for future expansion and development of inSTEM. Outside of her work at the NSTMF, Mayowa enjoys teaching, public speaking, and mentoring. Through speaking engagements, Mayowa seeks to encourage the next generation of STEM scholars and expose people to the versatility of mathematics.


Chenming Hu

National Medal of Technology and Innovation


Shirley Ann Jackson

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Physical Sciences

Mary-Claire King

National Medal of Science

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