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For the past three years, the Unscripted series has served as the most visible expression of our mission. The program has allowed us to uncover the personal stories behind monumental scientific and technological breakthroughs. Each event has corroborated our belief that these stories of triumph and travail are not just STEM stories, though they resonate most clearly in that community, but rather human stories of perseverance, failure, relationships, and community that anyone can identify with. To date, Unscripted has been to 16 colleges and universities, featured 47 Laureates and experts, and welcomed more than 2,050 in-person attendees and more than 20,000 online viewers. Unscripted is our opportunity to show students there isn’t one way to build a STEM career and there certainly isn’t just one perfect path to success. But there are, at every turn, incredible role models and mentors that they can look to for advice and inspiration. We hope you will join our next Unscripted conversation!



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