Meet The Experts

Our Expert Members

Niels Pineda


Allie Novak

Columbia University

Gale Fernow


Beryl Otchere

Dental Hut

R. Matthew Brothers


StevenClaude Dorsainvil

Catalent Inc.

Aravind Pazhayath Ravi

The University of Texas at Arlington

Olivia Seidel

The University of Texas at Arlington

Jonathan Asaadi

The University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Clark


Brian Mack


Seye Bankole


Lydia Davila


Guileonne Ngnitewe

Gilead Sciences

Robyn Lincoln

Gilead Sciences

Tiara Lewis

Lockheed Martin

Olayemi Oladapo

Gilead Sciences

Jorge Valdes


Jeanie Nguyen


Contessa Ricci

Washington State University

Susanna Chan Schuffenhauer

Verily Life Sciences

Hailey Phillips


Celina Salcido

University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine

Robert Jaynes


Trilce Encarnación

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Mariah Ochoa

Curriculum Associates

Joel Miller


Ariel Leslie

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control

Amanda Finn

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Kezia Cook-Robinson

Verily Life Sciences

Pengcheng Xiao

Kennesaw State University

Karen Andrade

White House Office of Science Technology Policy

Meghna Beotra

Verily Life Sciences

Eshan Gupta

Verily Life Sciences

Vivian Ta

Polis Solutions, Inc.

Claudia L. Perez, M.D.

Rose University School of Medicine

Guleid Awale

University of Connecticut

Steve Sasson

Institute for Advanced Discovery & Innovation

Jonca Bull-Humphries

PPD Global Product Development

Lori Beck

Industrial Light and Magic

Carla Cotwright-Williams

US Department of Defense

Minerva Cordero

The University of Texas at Arlington

Lindsay Davis

Langston University

Valene Garr Barry

Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis)

Tequila Harris

Georgia Tech

Godwin Dzidotor

University of Connecticut

Nicole Jackson


Emmanuel Johnson

USC – Viterbi

Talon Johnson

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Ciku Karanja

inSTEM Mentor

Ciku Karanja

Industrial Light & Magic

Kei Koizumi

White House – Office of Science Technology Policy

Marilyn Mackiewicz

Oregon State University

Amon Millner

Olin College of Engineering

John Montalbo

Tarrant Counties Auditor’s Office

Mayra Montrose

L3 Harris

PK Morrow

inSTEM Mentor

Bridgette Powell


Ryan Smith

Industrial Light and Magic

Elaine Fuchs

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The Rockefeller University

Deborah Kariuki

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Judith Klinman

UC Berkeley

Fanta Traore

The Sadie Collective

Sangeeta Bhatia

Laboratory for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies at MIT

Loretta Cheeks

Strong TIES and DS Innovation

Larry Irving

The Irving Group

Raven Baxter

Science Communicator

Richard Mankin

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Shreya Dave

Via Separations

Steve Crocker

Internet Pioneer

Sherika Ekpo


Ellen Ochoa

NASA (Retired)

Jakita Thomas

Auburn University

Mary Garcia-Cazarin

National Institutes of Health

Bridgette Powell Headshot

Bridgette Powell

Mobile Coin

Donna Ginther

University of Kansas

Joseph DeSimone

Carbon, Inc.

Carol O'Donnell Headshot

Carol O’Donnell

Smithsonian Science Education Center

Jerrod Henderson

University of Houston

John Spiro headshot

John Spiro

Simons Foundation

Susanna Raj

AI Ethicist

Julia Phillips

Sandia National Laboratories (retired)

José-Marie Griffiths

Dakota State University

Warren Washington

National Center for Atmospheric Research

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